Event Details

Date: 2024
Location: New Delhi, India

Sparking Culinary Innovation Across the Globe

2024 | New Delhi, India

Event Description:

We were thrilled to participate in Aahar 2024 for the second time! Building on the momentum of our successful debut, we returned with an even more exciting array of brands and products that captivated attendees and industry professionals alike.


Pregel Gelato Premixes Shine at Aahar 2024:

This year, our showcase was headlined by the introduction of Pregel Gelato Premixes from Italy, a standout product that quickly became the star of our exhibit. Known for their exceptional quality and authentic Italian flavors, Pregel's gelato premixes offered an unparalleled taste experience, making them a hit among gelato enthusiasts and culinary experts.


Flavorful Tradition:

Our booth was also home to an irresistible aroma wafting from freshly baked pizzas made with Molino Naldoni pizza flour. Crafted with precision and expertise, these pizzas were a testament to the artistry and tradition of Italian cuisine. Each bite offered a symphony of flavors, from the crisp, golden crust to the savory toppings that danced harmoniously on the palate. It was a true celebration of the timeless appeal of pizza, showcasing the perfect marriage of quality ingredients and skilled craftsmanship. Additionally, our gelatos, meticulously prepared with luscious creamy textures, bursting with vibrant, tantalizing flavors, provided a decadent indulgence that captivated every palate.


International Culinary Showcase :

Aahar 2024 showcased an international culinary spectacle, featuring chefs from diverse backgrounds. At our booth, pizza maestros crafted traditional pizzas with Molino Naldoni flour, while gelato artisans whipped up creamy delights using Pregel Gelato Premixes. Renowned pastry chefs also delighted with their decadent desserts with Avonmore. Each dish was a fusion of flavors, representing culinary traditions from across the globe and leaving attendees craving for more.


Visitor Experience: A Culinary Mosaic:

Exhibition visitors savored a sensory feast, exploring a diverse range of global cuisines. From savory pizzas to luxurious desserts, each dish showcased culinary mastery and innovation. The irresistible allure of couverture chocolates enchanted with their velvety textures and indulgent cocoa flavors. Amidst the culinary delights, fruit-filled pastries and desserts, bursting with vibrant fruit fillings, provided a refreshing twist to the gastronomic journey. Additionally, the smooth and creamy indulgence of Pregel gelatos offered a delightful coolness, while the richness of Avonmore whipping cream added a decadent touch, enhancing the experience with its velvety smoothness.