Service Faq's

What kind of gourmet food products do you offer?
At Damati Foods, our enticing array of gourmet offerings spans the globe, featuring Italian truffles and truffle products, Belgian couverture chocolate, French frozen fruit purees, Italian artisanal pasta, Greek olives, olive oil and premium Italian pasta and pizza flour. Every product is thoughtfully sourced to ensure an authentic and extraordinary culinary journey.
Are your gourmet food products sourced from reputable suppliers?
Yes, we are committed to providing an authentic gourmet experience. Our products are directly sourced from their renowned regions of origin, ensuring that you enjoy the true essence of each delicacy. Guided by our ethos of 'from the world to your plate,' we ensure that each product is obtained from authentic, traditional partners who share our commitment to unwavering quality.
Do you provide gluten-free and vegan products?
Absolutely, we cater to various dietary preferences. Our selection includes various gluten-free and vegan offerings such as truffles and frozen fruit purees, canned tomatoes, olives and olive oil, and couverture chocolate. We believe in providing a diverse range of choices to accommodate different dietary needs while maintaining the same level of exquisite taste and quality.

How do you ensure the freshness and quality of your gourmet food items while shipping?

We take utmost care to ensure the freshness and quality of our gourmet food items during shipping. Our meticulous packaging includes protection against breakage, leakage or dents. Perishable items are packed with ice packs to maintain optimal temperature conditions. Additionally, we collaborate with trusted shipping partners experienced in handling delicate food products. Rest assured, our commitment to delivering products in their prime condition means you'll enjoy the same level of freshness and quality as if you were shopping in-store.

What is your return and refund policy if customers are not satisfied with their purchase?

Please refer to our 'Returns and Refunds' for detailed information on our return and refund policy. This page provides comprehensive guidance on the process to follow if you're not satisfied with your purchase. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team.