Event Details

Date: November 2022
Location: Mumbai, India

Damati Foods at Bakery Biz Mumbai 2022

November 2022 | Mumbai, India

Event Description:

Bakery Biz Mumbai 2022 saw Damati Foods shine as it proudly showcased its bakery prowess alongside the renowned brand, Veliche.


Captivating Booth Display

Stepping into Damati Foods' booth was like entering a bakery wonderland. The fusion of rustic and modern elements formed the backdrop for an array of delectable bakery products. The booth featured a rich assortment of baked goods, all adorned with Damati Foods' signature logo, drawing visitors with its irresistible appeal.


The Star: Veliche

Veliche, Damati Foods' premium brand, took center stage. The booth boasted Belgian couverture chocolate that intrigued both professionals and home bakers. Live demonstrations by Veliche's chocolatiers showcased the brand's quality and versatility, from intricate chocolate sculptures to decadent truffles.


Interactive Engagement

Damati Foods facilitated interactive sessions, led by expert chefs. These sessions fostered a sense of community and knowledge sharing among baking enthusiasts.


Connecting with the Community

Bakery Biz Mumbai 2022 provided an invaluable platform for Damati Foods to connect with baking enthusiasts, professionals, and industry peers. Meaningful conversations and idea exchanges were rife at the booth, solidifying Damati Foods' role as a prominent player in the baking industry.


Damati Foods' participation in Bakery Biz Mumbai 2022 was a triumph. Through their captivating booth, Veliche's spotlight, interactive engagements, and community connections, Damati Foods showcased their baking mastery, leaving an enduring impression on attendees and reinforcing their position in the baking landscape.