Event Details

Date: 3rd August 2023
Location: Mumbai Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai, India

Damati Foods Chef's Bakery Connect at Mumbai Sahara Star Hotel

3rd August 2023 | Mumbai Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai, India

Event Description:

Damati Foods hosted a delectable Industry Connect, the "Chef's Bakery Connect," at Mumbai's luxurious Sahara Star Hotel. This event brought together culinary enthusiasts, bakers, and chefs for an unforgettable experience, with Confect by Chef Gauri.


Culinary Delights Unveiled

The event transformed the Sahara Star Hotel into a culinary haven, permeating the air with the enticing aroma of freshly baked creations. Damati Foods curated an exquisite setup that embodied their commitment to exceptional quality and innovation.


Masterful Collaboration: Confect by Chef Gauri

Chef Gauri with her brand, Confect  showcased her artistry in baking decorations, leaving the audience mesmerized. Her creative prowess and innovative techniques set the tone for the event.


Interactive Engagement with Renowned Chefs

The event resonated with engaging workshops led by renowned chefs. Chef Rumana Jaseel, a confectionery virtuoso, demonstrated the delicate art of crafting a chocolate sail and crafting intricate Fondant & Sugar Roses. These captivating demonstrations added an extra layer of skill and creativity to the event. 

Chef Aabhas Mehrotra delighted attendees with chocolate tastings that highlighted the nuances and complexities of various chocolate varieties. His insightful session provided participants with a deeper appreciation for the world of chocolate.


Fostering Connections and Celebrating Flavour

Chef's Bakery Connect seamlessly provided a platform for networking among baking enthusiasts, seasoned professionals, and key industry insiders. The event's interactive nature encouraged the exchange of ideas, fostering new collaborations and friendships within the dynamic baking domain.


A Feast for the Senses

Guests indulged in an array of carefully crafted baked goods and confections, meticulously curated using Damati Foods' premium gourmet food brands Veliche and Capfruit. The exhibit showcased an exquisite symphony of flavours and textures, each creation reflecting the brand's unwavering commitment to culinary excellence.


Damati Foods' Chef's Bakery Connect event at Mumbai Sahara Star Hotel underscored the brand's devotion to elevating the baking and confectionery landscape. The harmonious collaboration with Confect by Chef Gauri, along with the captivating demonstrations by Chef Rumana Jaseel and Chef Aabhas Mehrotra's insightful chocolate tastings, rendered the event an unforgettable voyage through taste, innovation, and community.