Event Details

Date: June, 2024
Location: HITEX Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, India

Experience the Magic of Damati Foods at Bakery Business Hyderabad 2024!

June, 2024 | HITEX Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, India

Remarkable First Impression:

Damati Foods is making a remarkable impression at the Bakery Business South Edition, one of the largest bakery exhibitions in the region. On June 19th, the opening day of the event, visitors were captivated and amazed by Damati Foods' culinary creations. Showcasing a blend of innovative techniques and traditional flavors, our booth quickly became a must-visit spot.


Sneak Peek at Our Star Products:

Our star products Molino Naldoni Flours for Pizzas and Gelatos made from Pregel gelato bases, truly stole the show at the exhibition. Visitors were captivated by our pizza creations crafted with Molino Naldoni's premium flours, renowned for their exceptional texture. Our booth became a hub of activity as attendees savored the aroma of freshly baked pizzas and sampled our wide range of gelato flavors. But that wasn't all – we also unveiled an impressive lineup of gelato machinery, which added an exciting technological edge to our presentation. Our booth became a hub of activity, with visitors not only sampling our delightful gelatos but also engaging with our team to learn more about the machinery and its capabilities.


A Showcase of Culinary Mastery:

From exquisite pastries to flavorful pizzas and creamy gelatos, each item on display showcased our commitment to culinary excellence. The team engaged with attendees, sharing insights into their baking processes and inspirations. Live demonstrations highlighted their expertise and passion, drawing enthusiastic crowds and generating buzz across the exhibition.


Spotlight on Our Chefs and Enthusiastic Visitors:

Our executive and international chefs took center stage with their exceptional culinary creations that captivated visitors at our booth. Live cooking demonstrations were a standout, as our chefs interacted with the crowd, sharing expert tips and fielding questions. In addition to our team's contributions, we also celebrated our enthusiastic visitors who actively engaged with our culinary delights, showing genuine interest and participating in the vibrant atmosphere of the exhibition.


If you're already interested and want to learn more about our products, feel free to reach out to us at inquiry@damati.com or call us on +91 8655974030. We look forward to connecting with you and continuing to delight your taste buds!